CourtCal™, Wisconsin Circuit Court Calendar

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CourtCal, Wisconsin circuit court calendar tool for attorneys


What is CourtCal?

CourtCal is a suite of calendar tools for Wisconsin's circuit court. As a unique extension to CCAP's court calendar, CourtCal was designed especially for attorneys. Save time and eliminate calendaring mistakes. CourtCal makes it simple to verify your court calendar, so you never miss a court appointment.

Simple, Reliable, and Convenient

CourtCal is beautifully simple, elegant, and intuitive. Because it's web based, you don't need to download, install, or configure anything; all you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

How can CourtCal help you?

CourtCal delivers tremendous functionality that makes it easy to monitor your circuit court calendar, whether you access the web interface, read the appointment emails, or import events into your existing calendar software.

CourtCal includes the following features:

* Web calendar
* Multiple attorneys
* E-mail notifications
* Outlook support
* Cell phone access
* Updated daily

Learn more about these features below

CourtCal Features

Web calendar


One click displays events for day, week, month, or year. View three months worth of future appointments at a glance. Past appointments don't disappear (as they do in CCAP).

Multiple Attorneys

Each attorney who subscribes to CourtCal gets a personal calendar. Multiple attorneys in one firm are linked so that you can choose to see two or more attorney calendars in the same view.

Email notification

Receive daily or weekly notification of court appointments in your inbox. At your option, send the notification to a second email address (an assistant or your personal email address).

Cell phone access

Don't have your computer with you? Easily check your calendar with Web-enabled phones, anywhere you have cell coverage.

Outlook and
ICS calendars

Subscribe to your court calendar using one of many calendaring software programs that support the ICalendar format, including Microsoft Outlook. We can show you how!

Updated daily

Court calendars change frequently: new events, changes, deletions. CourtCal is updated daily and reflects the most recent information from CCAP.


Easy print options; Search for events by judge, prosecutor, defendant, county, case number, or event type; and more...

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