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CourtCal FAQs

From where do the calendar appointments come?

On a daily basis we download your current calendar information from the CCAP database using their SOAP Interface. This is equivalent to doing a calendar request using the WCCA website.

What are the system requirements to use CourtCal?

Since CourtCal is hosted on our servers, there's nothing to install and no server/platform requirements to worry about. All you need is a modern web browser with Javascript turned on, and an internet connection. CourtCal officially supports IE 6 or later on the PC; Firefox on Mac, PC, Linux; Safari on Mac. We recommend switching to Firefox — it's modern, fast, compatible, and free.

Who can access my court calendar?

Each attorney who subscribes can access his/her calendar, and calendars for other subscribing attorneys in the same firm.

Can we edit the court calendar events?

CourtCal is a read-only view at the events published by CCAP; no editing is permitted. However, events that you choose to import into external calendars (e.g Outlook) may be edited there.

Ok, I'm sold! How much?

CourtCal is reasonably priced, per firm, based on the number of subscribing attorneys. Single attorney subscriptions are $5/month, and the rate decreases for additional attorneys in the same firm.

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